Expert Feedback. Who Are The Experts?

Design Experts

Aurimas Adomavicius

Aurimas is a creative lead with 10 years of experience. He is currently a developer at DevBridge Inc., a web development company in Chicago.

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Joel Glovier

Joel freelances as JAG Design Ideas and also works full time doing front end design and development for He has a BS in Communications.

Shawn Johnston

Shawn is a web designer and developer with over 14 years experience. From big box retailers to startups, Shawn focuses on strong branding and straight forward user experience.

Nate Hamilton

Nate is an experienced graphic designer and web developer with a degree in Multimedia Design. He currently runs

Amy Feger

With a Certificate 2005 and Associates 2007 in Graphic Design from WCC Ann Arbor, Amy brings a fresh perspective holding tightly to traditional design principles.

Noel Tock

Noel is a freelance designer and photographer based out of Zurich, Switzerland. He runs his own Premium WordPress Theme business called Theme Force for niche industries.

Gemma-Lea Goodyer

Gemma-Lea is a Graphic Designer with a degree in visual communication. She has a keen eye for color, careful kerning, balance and layout.

Daina Reed

Daina has designed websites for nearly a decade and is team leader of her own business. She has an intuitive feel for how a website should look and how it should be coded.

Niki Brown

Niki has 5 years of experience in design with a BFA in graphic design from Iowa State University. Niki is also an avid blogger.

Nick Glavin

Nick is a director of the digital agency Vanguard Digital, specializing in web design. He holds a BA in Computer Based Art and Design and a BA in Marketing.

Gavan Brown

Gavan Brown is a designer and developer hybrid with over 12 years of development experience and a background of traditional art.

Emma Simpson

Emma is a graphic designer with 14 years of experience and a BA in Graphic Design from University of the Arts London.

Michael Gunner

Michael the lead web developer and designer for a Jet Charter company in England. He has a degree in Product Design from Sussex University.

Usability Experts

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Michael Rawlins

Michael is a certified usability analyst and currently President of the Connecticut Chapter of the Usability Professionals Association.

Kristian Tasevski

Kristian is a UX strategy and design specialist at Deloitte Touche. He holds a degree in Design Computing from the University of Sydney, Australia.

Michael + Webcardinals

Michael is a user experience design and strategy expert at webCardinals with 9 years of experience.

Jami Gibbs

Jami is a web designer and usability specialist with over 6 years experience. She holds degrees in both Website Development and Creative writing. She runs her own freelance business and is an active ThemeForest author.

Vita Levchenko

Vita is a web design and usability specialist with a Usability Analyst Certification and a degree in multimedia design from the College of Technology and Design in Toronto.

Brian Yerkes

Brian is the owner and Creative Director at Brian Joseph Studios LLC, an award winning creative design and development firm. Brian is also a popular blogger.

Maureen Murphy

Maureen is the owner of Usability Medic, Inc., a user experience consultancy. Practicing in the web space for 10 years, She is passionate about delivering highly usable experiences to web sites, web apps, kiosks, widgets, and mobile devices.

Iliana Radneva

Iliana is a usability expert with a degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University. Iliana is passionate about creating user experiences that improve people's lives but also bring happiness and joy.

Lisa Tweedie

After a successful UX career with software teams at Oracle and Nortel Networks, Lisa is now a freelance consultant. Prior to her industry experience she did research @MRC APU and holds a PhD in HCI (Imperial College, London).

Nirali Shah

Nirali is a User Experience Designer with 7+ years of experience working with clients across various industries. She holds degrees in Architecture, Computer Science, and Human Factors in Information Design.

Ian Franklin

Over twenty years experience in usability, started on green screens and progressed to GUIs, web and self-service kiosk. Designed for broad range of users from welfare claimants to professionals. E-government specialist.

Strategy Experts

Tom Charde

Tom is a seasoned marketer, copywriter, web producer and UX strategist. He helps companies improve their websites by balancing user needs, business goals, and brand strategy.

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Matt Clark

Matt is an experienced online strategist with a background in both online marketing and website performance optimisation. He has worked with some of the UK’s biggest online retailers including Comet, Hallmark, Clarks, Harvey Nichols.

Michael + Webcardinals

Michael is a user experience design and strategy expert at webCardinals with 9 years of experience.

James Paden

James is the founder of, one of the largest web designer directories on the web. James has also done consulting work for Fortune 100 and Internet Retailer 500 companies.

Sue Spaight

Sue has over 20 years of experience doing strategy for brands like American Airlines and Harley-Davidson. She is also a speaker and writer covering digital and social strategy.

Richard Miles

Richard is a successful entrepreneur, business exec, and consultant with 30 years experience achieving results for companies including IBM, Hitachi and Memorex as well as dozens of medium-sized firms and startups. He currently advises companies on strategic planning, marketing communications, messaging, and business development.

Sean Rosensteel

Sporting an Entrepreneurship degree from the University of St. Thomas, Sean advises numerous organizations – including brands like 2nd Wind, K12 Jobspot, and Octane Fitness – on effective web strategy. Sean is currently the Head of Business Development at Savvy Pro Web.

Roy Murphy

Roy loves helping individuals and business be successful online, and has a real passion for conversions, creative and copy. 15 years experience with major digital agencies such as the WPP group, LBi and AKQA. Author of a book on reputation management and lecturer on implementing practical digital strategies.