A Review of Website design and usability by Michael Rawlins

Lacks Excitement...

WorkMate Collaboration and Project Management Platform-174344.png

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    I find this area compelling

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    If this is an important call-to-action, it's placed far too low in the page

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    This may be missed - because it requires deep scrolling

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    This is a 'floating' element - and really tells no story

  • 5

    These are a bit confusing to me. Since they are not links, I don't understand their purpose being there or what they mean to your brand. I also do not know what any of them mean, except maybe the cloud.

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    This is personal preference here, so forgive me if I sound nit-picky. I prefer having similar items grouped together. So I'd have the screen shots all on one side and the text on the other. To my eyes its easier to scan things when they are grouped together.

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    Since these are major links in your global navigation, could that area use button/icons like these?

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    I might use an image or collage of people collaborating with tools your software is designed for, rather than screen shots of the product. A image like that may help to get your brand across. Plus you have images of the product on the Tour page.

  • 9

    Great button design

  • 10

    These icons don't match with the rest of the site. Look like they came from a free icon pack. You might want to create them yourself without the glossy effect because nothing else on the site is glossy. Make these icons like the Tour and Sign Up buttons. These need to be consistent.

  • 11

    I like the letter press effects. Nice

WorkMate Tour-174443.png

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    needs to be reworked into a gallery of videos.

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    I'm going to agree with the first reviewer, Michael, and suggest that this be turned into a video or series of videos.


WorkMate Latest activity across all projects-175010.png

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    needs work - see this guide: http://patternry.com/p=data-table/