Roast: Thrillist.com

Roast: Thrillist.com

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It's been a while since anything happened in this space on Concept Feedback. And thats going to change, starting now. As you might already know that Wingify acquired Concept Feedback, since then we have been brainstorming a lot to figure out the path forward for all of us. The more we thought about it, the clearer it got. Concept Feedback’s core value lies in quality engagement within the community. And that's exactly where we're going to focus all our energies in the coming months.
As you might know, we have been looking for a new owner for Concept Feedback for quite some time. Someone who can give it the time and attention it deserves. And today with great excitement, I wanted to let you know that Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) has acquired Concept Feedback.

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An Update from the Founder
on Mar 23, 2012